A quick & not-so dirty way to let go

You know how we sometimes really don’t like something that’s going on in our lives and then we go on and keep thinking about it all the time?

Analysing it thoroughly and going over it again and again.

Sometimes these can also be judgments we carry about ourselves, fears towards the future or social comparisons, to name a few…

The thing is, we ourselves carry that stuff with us. We ourselves keep pushing on that mental repeat button.

In a way, we seem to be attached to it.

So I’d like you to try something…

~ To breathe

And then just drop it. Breathe deeply, inhale through your whole body and then let go. It’s all in the mind anyway.

It couldn’t be that simple? Or could it be?

Does this quick & not-so dirty way solve all the challenges that we are facing at the moment?

Perhaps it doesn’t, but it does create some more space within ourselves, to feel and think more clearly.

And maybe, just maybe, we might experience some inner shanti.

Wishing you all a radiant Navratri & Ramadan

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

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